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Aesop" s Fables The dog and the Wild Boar

Aesop" s Fables The dog and the Wild Boar By ESHA PUBLICATION

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  1. The Dog and the Wild Boar

Once, a man had a pet dog. He was very ferocious and fought with many animals. With the passage of time, the dog became old and weak. One day, as the dog was drinking water from a river, a wild boar came to the same river. He saw the dog and decided to fight with him. With this thought in mind, the boar attacked the dog from behind. The dog put up a brave fight but ultimately lost to the boar. The boar was full of pride. He started laughing at the dog. The dog looked at the boar sadly and said, "Every dog has his day. When I was young, I never lost a fight. But now, I am old and you are laughing at One day, you too will be old." .............

  • Title :Aesop" s Fables The dog and the Wild Boar
  • ISBN :MANIMN4189
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :2023
  • Number Of Pages :16
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock