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Art & Cartoon of Rampa

Art & Cartoon of Rampa By G Purushoth Kumar

₹ 250

This is not a single stretch leafing through. paining the sight. A feel of joy is sprinkled across, even for now and then page turn. However, after viewing the book, the creativity behind the production gets appreciation, it not only justifies the purpose of publication but satisfies more, the hand indulged. If i claim. the hand is mine, it is me who did this, is nothing but disregarding the god's blessings showered for ALL EYE VIEW! ultimately humanity is vital.

I believe humans are affectionate and human- ity is the fragrance, which connects the people of the globe. Once connected one can distance away all the variations of human life!

A word from a mouth is human, which may cause different actions! where as to feel one's heart is humanity! As aesthetic out put puts the universal soul as the ONE!....................

  • Title :Art & Cartoon of Rampa
  • Author :G Purushoth Kumar
  • Publisher :Sahiti Prachuranalu
  • ISBN :MANIMN4764
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :July, 2023
  • Number Of Pages :320
  • Language :Telugu
  • Availability :instock