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How to Enjoy Your LIfe and Your Job

How to Enjoy Your LIfe and Your Job By Dale Carnegie

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Find Yourself and Be Yourself: Remember,
There Is No One Else on Earth like You

I have a letter from Mrs. Edith Allred, of Mount Airy, North Carolina: "As a child, I was extremely sensitive and shy," she says in her letter. "I was overweight and my cheeks made me look even fatter than I was. I had an old-fashioned mother who thought it was foolish to make clothes look pretty. She always said: "Wide will wear while narrow will tear'; and she dressed me accordingly. I never went to parties; never had any fun; and when I went to school, I never joined the other children in outside activities, or even athletics. I was morbidly shy. I felt I was 'different' from everybody else, and entirely undesirable.

"When I grew up, I married a man who was several years my senior. But I didn't change. My in-laws were a poised and self- confident family. They were everything I should have been but simply was not. I tried my best to be like them, but I couldn't. Every attempt they made to draw me out of myself only drove me further into my shell. I became nervous and irritable, I avoided all friends. I got so bad I even dreaded the sound of the doorbell ringing! I was a failure. I knew it; and I was afraid my husband would find it out. So, whenever we were in public, I tried to be gay, and overacted my part. I knew I overacted; and I would be miserable for days afterwards. At last I became so unhappy that I could see no point in prolonging my existence. I began to think of suicide."

What happened to change this unhappy woman's life? Just a chance remark!...............

  • Title :How to Enjoy Your LIfe and Your Job
  • Author :Dale Carnegie
  • Publisher :Jainco Publishers
  • ISBN :MANIMN4313
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :2022 7th print
  • Number Of Pages :186
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock