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Indic Religions Challenges for survival

Indic Religions Challenges for survival By Dr K Aravinda Rao

₹ 280

Chapter 1

Three Civilizations - Three Stories

Three folk stories from three civilizations illustrate the nature of civilizational wars in the present world, more particularly, in India. All the three stories are well known.

The first story is from the western civilization. It is the story of the tiger and the lamb. The two animals have a chance encounter at a water brook. The tiger sips water from upstream and the lamb sips from downstream. The tiger's appetite is awakened, and it finds a logic to kill the lamb. The lamb's version goes unheard.

If we accept the wisdom of psychologists, myths and folk tales reflect the collective unconscious of a civilization. The present western world is an example of this. Their professors and intellectuals study the target countries and evolve plans to destabilize and impoverish them by having control over their resources. Just like their tiger, they find reasons such as violation of human rights, suppression of minorities or subalterns, absence of religious freedom or the target regime being fascist. Their intelligence agencies prepare authentic reports about the presence of weapons of mass destruction. All these reasons justify their interference in the target countries. The meek protests of hapless countries go unheard by the ineffectual demi-god, the United Nations................

  • Title :Indic Religions Challenges for survival
  • Author :Dr K Aravinda Rao
  • Publisher :Emasco Books pvt.L.td.
  • ISBN :MANIMN4931
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :Nov, 2023
  • Number Of Pages :360
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock