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Key Board Primary Sangeetha Swara Deepika

Key Board Primary Sangeetha Swara Deepika By Manandi Prakash

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Hearty congratulations Prakash gaaru. This book is an introduction to music whetches. Its goal is to provide the reader with the knowledge and skills ne undertake a study to learn the basics given in simple methods. The ne studies is changing. Numerous reasons account for this. The impac

performance, and conservation of music, the technology on the composition, performance, and conservation of crumbling of the Carnatic and instrumental, the weakening of the suns concept and the commitment made and learn so many things where som eminent authors books neglected to mention. In other words this an book for every music lover who wish to gain the knowledge ‘performances are only a few of the factors that are having a strong impact on musical as well as on how we study them. Examining how music has been and continues to be composed is no exception. For scholars working in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, a musical sketch was some kind of handwritten document, normally consigned to staff paper. Today a musical sketch can also be data stored on magnetic tape, on a vinyl disc or in a digital device. The book is intended to prepare the reader for this rapidly evolving field. I once again appreciate your efforts in bringing this treasure to build their knowledge very easily. Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to write few words as I know.



 HYDERABAD                                                                                                                                                                                                                           BALA KAMESWARA RAO
DATE : 16-04-2021

  • Title :Key Board Primary Sangeetha Swara Deepika
  • Author :Manandi Prakash
  • Publisher :Pradeep Arts Creations
  • ISBN :MANIMN2694
  • Binding :Paerback
  • Published Date :2021
  • Number Of Pages :138
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock