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Origin of Religion and the Vision of Mahatma

Origin of Religion and the Vision of Mahatma By Dr S D Subba Reddy

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Human history has seen the rise and the fall of countless religions, each with its own beliefs, rituals, and mythology; some are polytheistic, and some are monotheistic, with signif- icant differences of opinions on such matters relating to what happens afterlife. Yet there are similarities in their beliefs and practices of religion or its dimensions in observances of faith that include prayer, fasting, meditation, penance, feasting, dress, and course of ceremonies and rituals.

Every religious faith has a collection of sacred texts that articulates its central ideals and narrates the history of the tradition. Many religions have a doctrine and philosophy of the belief that lays out their distinctive theology. The idea of good and evil is also fundamental to all faiths. Religion offers moral guidance to society. The moral code that some religions offer is universal appreciation, which helps the community live peaceably together. The spiritual leadership was provided by prophets with divine guidance and was passed on to the priesthood. This has become essential to many communities and has wielded considerable political power in some religions.

Most religions address the central human concern of death with the promise of continued existence or the afterlife. In eastern traditions such as Hinduism, the belief is that the soul gets reincarnated after death in a new physical form, while the other faiths hold that the soul is judged after death and resides................

  • Title :Origin of Religion and the Vision of Mahatma
  • Author :Dr S D Subba Reddy
  • Publisher :Emasco Books pvt.L.td.
  • ISBN :MANIMN4278
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :April, 2023
  • Number Of Pages :292
  • Language :English
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