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The Trio and Other Stories

The Trio and Other Stories By K B Gopalam

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The Weakling

Gopalam sat on the canal bank. There is sand where he sat. Even in the darkness he continues to be visible. There are stars above. They are twinkling. They emit light. But, don't appear to be doing so. That light shines on the earth. It shines on the hills. On the water too. It shines on everything. But, none can be seen. All of them would be hid- den in the darkness. There would be darkness where they are hidden. Where there is darkness, there wouldn't be any light. But, where there is light, there would be darkness. So, in spite of the stars, it is dark.

Gopalam is looking into the waters. Waters are not visible to him. There is darkness there. He is seeing that darkness. It appeared dark. He thought darkness is black. He struck a matchstick. Darkness was not seen. An iron nail was seen on the sand. It is dark. Even in light it appeared black. In the light, the darkness was not apparent. If it is there, it might have appeared dark. It did not. So, darkness is not blackness. Then, he does not know of what color the darkness is. He would not worry about things not known. So, he stopped thinking.

He has not stopped thinking totally. He has stopped thinking about...............

  • Title :The Trio and Other Stories
  • Author :K B Gopalam
  • Publisher :Seela Subhadra Devi
  • ISBN :MANIMN4658
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :2023
  • Number Of Pages :214
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock