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The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal The Copper Coin

The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal The Copper Coin By Esha Publications

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  1. The Copper Coin

One day, before leaving the court when all courtiers were bowing in front of Akbar a copper coin fell from Birbal's pocket. Birbal started searching for the coin. A jealous courtier took it as an opportunity to show Birbal's reputation down in the eyes of Akbar. He said, "Look Your Majesty! You have bestowed Birbal with so much of wealth yet, he is such a miser that he cannot leave a single copper coin."

Birbal saw Akbar getting upset by the courtier's remarks. Birbal immediately replied, "Your Majesty, one side of the coin has your face can't bear the thought of anyone stepping on it. That's why I'm so keen on picking it up." Akbar became proud by such answer and said, "Birbal is not only clever but loyal even in his heart for me." Akbar walked out to Birbal and gave him his diamond ring. The jealous courtier again got defeated by Birbal's intelligence and was helpless.

  • Title :The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal The Copper Coin
  • Author :Esha Publications
  • ISBN :MANIMN4186
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :2023
  • Number Of Pages :16
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock