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The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal Truth and Falsehood

The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal Truth and Falsehood By Esha Publications

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  1. Truth and Falsehood

Akbar was fond of giving tricky situations to check the capability of his courtiers from time to time. One day, he asked them, "What is the difference between truth and falsehood? The answer should be less than three words."There was silence all over the court as nobody knew the answer. For a while Akbar waited but nobody volunteered for answering the question. Then he looked at Birbal and ordered him to answer. Birbal replied, "I know the answer to your question but I want someone else to speak. In case no one speaks, then I will answer the question."

Akbar was disappointed and said, "No one is answering my question. Go ahead; tell me in less than three words!" "Four fingers," said Birbal. Akbar was confused. Birbal explained, "Your Majesty, what we see is true but what we hear is mostly untrue. The width between our eyes and ears is that of four fingers. That is what I meant." Akbar accepted it as the right answer.

  • Title :The Wise Story of Akbar Birbal Truth and Falsehood
  • Author :Esha Publications
  • ISBN :MANIMN4185
  • Binding :Papar back
  • Published Date :2023
  • Number Of Pages :16
  • Language :English
  • Availability :instock